Basement Waterproofing

We will excavate below the footer of the foundation to fully address the issues in the basement.

Many times, the problem with waterproofing systems are the antiquated supplies that were used. Prior to the 1980's, foundation walls were coated with an asphalt based covering and the pipes used were made of clay. Both of these
materials are highly degradeable.

New drain tiles made of Schedule 35 perforated PVC piping will be installed. The foundation will be coated
with a cement and ironite based plastering compound. Once the plaster dries, we will apply a coat of
waterproofing tar. Finally, the foundation will be backfilled with gravel.

These measures will ensure that no water will leak through the walls and the water system is kept below the
foundation, thus taking the pressure off the foundation.

Sewer Cleaning and Repair

Roots and debris can clog sanitary and storm sewer pipes. The line can be cleared by running a sewer snake
through the line to unclog it. We have a variety of sewer snakes and blade attachments to snake any line.

However, sometimes pipes are clogged beyond simple repair and replacement is necessary. In this case,
we locate the problem area of the pipe and replace it. This will allow the sewer to function properly once again.

Other Services